Professional Quality Field

  • 4G Turf with no messy rubber infill, super safe. -Field dimension: 80' L x 48' w. Ceiling height: 20ft.
  • Rebound walls and enclosed netting.
  • Professional arena quality standard lighting.
  • Premium quality indoor futsal goals made by Kwik Goal.
  • 5v5 games-fast paced, lots of touches.

Convenient Location

  • Plenty of parking- On site and street parking available. 
  • Comfortable seating area. 
  • Snack and Beverage Vending Machines.

Book Online or Email.

  • Contact us for long term rentals. 
  • Come with your friends.



-No Cleats Plastic or metal. Turf or indoor flats only, no exceptions. We provide clean training bibs for the games as needed. We play with an official FIFA regulation size and weight ball. We don’t enforce wearing shin guards but we strongly advise doing so.

-Everyone must sign a waiver. 

-Payment must be made before participating.