The Football Factory Indoor Soccer League

The Football Factory offers year-round indoor soccer leagues for all players: Youth to Adult, Male, Female, & Coed. Divisions are offered for all ages and abilities, beginner to advanced and recreational to competitive. Organized leagues start at the U6/U8 level and are offered through adult.

Winter Session #1 Late October/Early November to Mid January $995 + $15/ref fee per game (11 weeks)
Winter Session #2 Mid/Late January to Mid/Late April $995 + $15/ref fee per game (11 weeks)
Spring Session Mid/Late April to Early/Mid June $695 +$15/ref fee per game (8 weeks)
Summer Session Mid/Late June to Early/Mid August $695 +$15/ref fee per game (8 weeks)
Fall Session Late August/Early September to Late October $695 + $15/ref fee per game (8 weeks)
U6 Coed Saturday afternoons 2017
U8 Coed Weekday evenings 2015
U10 Girls Sunday afternoons, Thursday afternoons ( as early as 4pm start) 2013
U10 Boys Saturday late morning/early afternoons, Monday afternoons (as early as 4pm start) 2013
U12 Girls Sunday afternoons, Wednesday afternoons (as early as 4pm start) 2011
U14 Girls Saturday afternoons/early evenings 2009
U14 Boys Friday evenings (as early as 4pm start), Saturday afternoons/evenings 2009
Middle School Coed Saturday late morning/early afternoon, Thursday afternoons (as early as 4pm start) Grades 5-8
U16 Girls Sunday afternoons/evenings 2007
U16 Boys Friday & Saturday evenings 2007
U19 High school Girls Sunday afternoons/evenings 2004 and still in high school
U19 High school Boys Sunday mornings 2004 and still in high school
High school Coed Monday evenings Grades 9-12
Women 25+ Monday evenings Born on/before the first day of the session in 1998
Men 18+ Monday & Tuesday evenings Born on/before the first day of the session in 2005
Men 30+ Tuesday evenings Born on/before the first day of the session in 1993
Adult Coed Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday evenings Men: Born on/before the first day of the session in 1998
Women: Born on/before the first day of the session in 2005 and out of high school

Indoor Soccer

Indoor soccer is played with a running clock and substitutions are made on the fly.  The ball can be played off the walls making for a fast paced game with less stoppage, more touchees, and more FUN! The speed of play enables  players to develop quick reflexes and requires them to work on ball control and team skills.  Skills improve rapidly which translates to better skills when players return to the outdoor game.

All games are played at The Football Factory.  Teams and individuals register in their appropriate age group and once a week, for one hour, teams play a game against a scheduled opponent. Games run on schedule!  Each age group plays on their own designated day each week.  The Football Factory provides the scheduling, referees, and awards.

Consider playing, coaching, or managing a team!  Sessions run year round and teams can be made up of players from any town.  Both youth and adult leagues are very popular and beginners are always welcome. It's fun, as well as a great work out, stress reliever, and a social outlet.

U-6 and U-8 Soccer Leagues

The U-6 and U-8 leagues offer exciting, low pressure games.  They are geared for children ages  4 to 7 who are looking for game situations rather than for a clinic atmosphere.

Leagues for U-6 and U-8 are organized just like the older age groups.  Scores are not kept at this age with the intention of placing the emphasis on skill development, confidence, and fun rather than on the game's outcome.  This encourages the players to enjoy the experience while learning to play as a team rather than focusing on the outcome of the games.

U-8 games are played on weekday afternoons/evenings, and U-6  games are played on Saturday afternoons.

Year-Round Sessions 

The indoor season begins in late October/early November, after the outdoor season has been completed.
Sessions run year-round for adult leagues, and from late October until mid June for youth leagues.  A summer session for youth may also be offered if there are enough teams interested to form a league.
Divisions are offered for all abilities and skill levels, beginner to advanced and recreational to competitive.

Top 4 teams make the playoffs.

Free Agent Sign Up

Free Agent Sign-ups are available for individual players who are interested in playing soccer, but don't have a team to play on.  The Football Factory can't guarantee that players on the free agent sign up list will be placed on a team.  However, players on the free agent sign up list have the opportunity to be picked up to play on a team that is participating at The Football Factory.

By signing up as a free agent, The Football Factory will make your name available to teams that are registered to participate in the league which you are signing up for, so that if they are looking to add players to their team, they may contact you directly to ask if you would like to join their team.  Additionally, if there are enough free agent sign ups for a particular age group/league, The Football Factory will attempt to put together  "The Football Factory Team".

The Football Factory's free agent sign-up list is available to any Coach or Team that is looking to add players to their roster.  We encourage Coaches and Teams that are looking for more players to contact The Football Factory and utilize the free agent sign up list.

To register as a free agent, sign up online, in person, or over the phone by calling 201-338-6788.