Our Facility

  • State of the art field.
  • Great place  to meet new players in a fun and competitive environment in our Weekly games.

Fun Envrionment

  • Our Facility is Perfect for any level player Beginners, Intermediate, and Experienced Players. Winner stays on*. 
  • Better rules for more fun and less sitting out watching others play. Everyone pays to play.

Only $10

  • You must be a minimum of 16 years old to play.
  • The entrance fee is $10 per person for (2) hours of pick-up soccer games.



Weekly Games

You must reserve your spot on the Meetup App.
Join our group and reserve your spot when a pick-up game is posted.


ONLY $10

$10 per person to play for (2) hours of competitive soccer. Pay when you walk in at the reception desk.



 Come alone or bring your own team of (5). It’s a great environment to meet new players and make new friends.



Winner stays on (3) or (4) games in a row Max, depending on number of teams.  If there are 3 or 4 teams and you win your first (2) games, the third game win, lose or draw you get off. No goal rule we play the entire game time. If there are (5) teams and you win your first 3 games, the fourth game win, lose, or draw you get off. This ensures Maximum playing time even if you get scored on twice quickly. (5) teams Maximum (5) minute games. If there are (4) teams games are (6) minutes,  If there are only (3) teams games are (7) minutes. If there is a draw the team on the longest loses or newest team wins. We want to ensure everyone has a good experience and plays against all teams.


  • Anyone that steps on the field to play must sign our waiver online or fill it out at the facility. You will not be allowed on the field without completing the waiver so plan ahead. We strongly suggest you fill it out prior to coming in. click here or go to our waivers tab. 
  • Minimum of 16 years old to play.
  • We limit the number to 25 players (5) teams. It’s a lot of playing time. The more teams there are, the more competitive it is. Max (4) games in a row.
  • If you come with 5 or more people, we recommend renting your own field time if you have a large enough group to ensure you play together. Check out our Adult field rental page.
  • We expect a proper code of conduct while playing competitively you must respect all players including anyone else at the facility. There is a manager on site that can answer any questions but will not be a referee.
  • No Cleats Plastic or metal. Turf or indoor flats only, no exceptions. We provide clean training bibs for the games as needed. We play with an official FIFA regulation size and weight ball. We don’t enforce wearing shin guards but we strongly advise doing so.



If you prefer to play with your own group of friends you can reserve your own field anytime or day of the week (during operating business hours). For more information check out the Field rentals page. You can book the field online by clicking here, email, or just give us a call. Check out our field rental pricing and ask about our discounts for multi hour long term rental agreements.