Speed & Agility (ages 8-14)

Underground Performance will provide a comprehensive athletic development program designed to enhance speed, agility, quickness, strength, power, balance and flexibility.  This program can be designed and incorporated into any sport.

This athletic development program will improve the participant’s biomotor abilites, athletic movement skills, strength and power.

Utilizing an integrated research-based training approach, our program will follow a systematic progression to help the participant reach their maximum potential.

Level 1 – Stabilization Phase – Pre-habilitation
Develops a solid and stable core (foundation).
Corrects muscle imbalances.
Improves dynamic flexibility.
Level 2 – Strength Phase
Develops maximal athletic strength as part of an integrated kinetic chain (body working as one functional unit).
Increases load bearing capabilities of the athlete.
Level 3 – Power Phase
Designed to increase the rate of force production or speed of muscle contraction.
This phase trains with more realistic speeds and forces that the athlete will encounter in sport.

In addition to the performance training there will be a focus on Speed, Agility, and Quickness.
Focus on movement skills:
Learning the correct movement patterns to enhance deceleration, acceleration and change of direction (speed & agility).
Neuromuscular development to enhance coordination strength and increase reaction time (quickness).
Improve Biomotor abilities:
Change of direction capabilities
First step quickness
General athletic movement skills
Lower and upper body coordination and strength
Reaction time
Stabilization strength
Furthermore, this program will aid in injury prevention:
Learning the correct movements and postures will keep an athlete healthy.

Strength & Conditioning (ages 15-18)