Youth 5v5 League Registration

The U-6 to U-12 leagues offer exciting, low pressure games.  They are geared for children ages  5 to 12 who are looking for game situations rather than for a clinic atmosphere.

Leagues for U-6 and U-12 are organized just like the older age groups.  Scores are not kept at this age with the intention of placing the emphasis on skill development, confidence, and fun rather than on the game's outcome.  This encourages the players to enjoy the experience while learning to play as a team rather than focusing on the outcome of the games.

  • When:
    • Fall Session #1 Start Sept. 6th. 2023 (Wednesdays) or
    • Fall Session #1 Start Sept. 17th. 2023 (Sundays)
  • Duration: 5 games (Wednesdays) or 4 games (Sundays)
  • 60 minutes
  • $150 (Wednesdays)
    $120 (Sundays)
  • 5v5 (4 + goalie)
  • Game footage by Veo available by request.